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Tour of France: Froome always leader
Wednesday, 24 July 2013
Winning at the Mont Ventoux located at almost 2,000 meters of altitude, one of the hardest steps of the Tour of France, Chris Froome from the team Sky did it during a crazy race, full of feeling on Sunday. This stage of the Tour of France boosted sport betting. Questioned by the press, the British talked about this 15th day.
According to the star of the day and Yellow Jersey since many days, the hardest was done, because a victory in this step strengthens his place of leader. Froome managed to take advantage of Quintana’s miscalculation. The latter took the initiative to attack at 10km from the arrival. But in good professional, the young Froome caught him up quickly and crossed alone the summit, leaving his pursuer in disarray. His victory in this well sunny Sunday, he deserved it thanks to a preparation in norms, with two trainings in altitude. His fans are surely delighted! Yesterday, the websites of online betting also knew an excellent day.

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