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Preparatory match for the Euro: France beat Germany
Friday, 16 August 2013
In order to be prepared for the Euro, France started a series of matches which enter in this way. On Tuesday evening, it beat Germany on their ground (84-89).

Of course, the French team is widely the favorite and the numerous sport betting in their favor are there to demonstrate that, but it is also important to know that German players have given them difficulties. The boys of Nicolas Batum, anxious to keep their rhythm, ended up being slackened.

At the end of the first half-time, France leads with 48-32. The ironic defense of Collet’s guys was efficient during the 20 first minutes. As it is a preparatory match, rotation game is current. The replacements unaccustomed to enter in such high level were clumsy.

The German have taken advantage of this case to score numerous points, even upset the French. Fans of the French team who bet on websites of sports betting were afraid during a certain period of the match. This is only a postponement. Surely, there will be other opportunities to correct the shooting.

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